ALRO613 - (continuing the story) - His Cell phone vibrated as ACDC's Thunderstruck announced an incoming call.

His cellphone vibrated as ACDC's Thunderstruck announced an incoming call.  Robert Scott was quick to snatch his phone from its clip, and he answered with a curt,

"This is Scott,"

"What are you doing?  I thought we told you to stay put! You're too close to this..." came a gruff voice.
"That was before you decided to bring my family into this, Chris!"
"You know damn well that has nothing to do with us!" answered the voice, "You need to trust me, Bob, or we can't get to the bottom of this!"

"At this point, i can't trust anyone but myself,"
"Bring them in, Bob.  Bring them in, and you've got my word I will protect your family."

"This goes higher up the ladder than both of us, and you know it.  Who will protect you?" Bob was met with silence over the line, and he shook his head, "Sorry, Chris.  I have to do this myself.  I'm afraid that i have to disappear,"

"I can help you!"

"If you come near me... or come near my family, you will be the enemy - do you got that, Chris?!"  Bob warned.

"Bob - we've known each other for 25 years!  How can you possibly..."
"DO YOU got that, Chris!"


"Good," Robert Scott nodded.
"You know how to get a hold of me, Bob.  Don't do anything stupid, or I'll have to hunt YOU down.  Do you got that?"

Robert Scott looked at his family; their faces fearful, lost.

"Happy hunting, Chris!"

The End

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