SaintChuck- It had been dark for quiet some time, but Wendy was still on the porch

It had been dark for quiet some time, but Wendy was still on the porch. She refused to leave until i said it back. I sat inside on my armchair with my back to the wooden door, but even the heavy door couldn't block the penetration of her stare. Those blue eyes were locked on me. She's stand out there until winter until i said it back. Wendy was such a child sometimes.

She didn’t understand what it meant for me to say something that big. I got up and walked over to the fire. My father's hunting rifle sat above the mantle. It was his favorite gun. I myself was never much of a marksman. I hated guns.

I looked back at the door. I couldn't see her through the walls, but i could still feel her stare. She was still out there.

I was no good for her. Every man in town wanted to marry her, and they all had so much more to offer her than i did. It wasn't fair to tell her. It wasn't fair not to tell her. There really was only one way to solve this.

Reaching up, i pulled the hunting rifle off the wall and loaded two shells into it. With the air of a trivial task, i walked over to the door and opened it.

"I love you too." I said with the barrel pointed at her eyes.

There was one loud bang and then silence. She didn't need to die. That's why i didn't kill her. Instead, the gun i fired was aimed at my chin. I imagine it was messy, but i didn’t care. I was finally free, and so was Wendy.

The End

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