Moonwalker: Captain Crunch will serve just as well as an abrasive

"Captain Crunch will serve just as well as an abrasive," said Holly the Happy Homemaker, as she flashed a toothy grin at the camera.  She mixed the cereal with dish washing liquid and spread the mess on the tile counter top. 

she began to scrub at the red wine stain with little effect. "CUT!'
she yelled at the camera man. The director came out on the kitchen set for the popular cooking / homemaking tips show. "You don't get to yell CUT!" he yelled. "Only I get to yell CUT!!"

"The stain won't come off, the stain is supposed to come off." she mumbled , holding onto the counter top for support. The director looked at the lumpy, greasy dark wine stain that showed no signs of fading. "Well what do you expect, you're using cereal, you air headed wino!"

"I can't find the liquid bleach," she whined cross eyed, wondering which one of the three impossibly fuzzy directors was yelling at her. "You probably drank it, you drank everything else in the studio! One more incident like this, and you're out on your fat alcoholic a**!"

She sat down on the high kitchen stool, leaned over the counter and put her head in her hands, weeping bitterly. "I need this job, how will I feed my babies?' she sobbed. "You don't have babies, you have fish." he said disgustedly, putting on a pot of very strong coffee. "They're my babies, and I have to feed them," Holly stopped crying and went into the whining again.

"Tell you what, Holly," the director said, not unkindly. "I know what it's like to have a drinking problem. If you'll start going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with me, we'll forget about this segment and put on one of your most popular reruns. You are good at what you do, when you're sober." he said, pouring her a mug of black coffee. "If I go to the meetings, do I keep my job?" she said, peering up at him blearily. "The job is yours as long as you stay sober. You get very good ratings, and the entire crew loves your cooking and baking. I would hate like Hell to lose you Holly, but we just can't have another Captain Crunch incident, agreed? Holly nodded reluctantly and reached for the coffee.

The End

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