Jindal - I like raising dandelions

I love flowers, I love looking at them, smelling them however, I am the dracula of the plant kingdom.  Plants make the sign of the cross when they see me.  But, I can raise Dandelions. 
Bet you didn't know that Dandelions came in male and female and, I bet you didn't know that when they're young, they don't flitter away in the breeze.

I am raising four Dandelions, you should see them, the most beautiful flowers in the world, let me tell you about them.  I water them with my love, I feed them with my bits of wisdom, I protect them with all my strength., in return, they grow for me, they dance for me, they sing to me, they love me UNCONDITIONALLY..

Now let me tell you who they are.. They are four little people that brought me through illness and divorce, when I thought there was nothing to smile about, they acted out a silly play, when I was ill and thought I wasn't going to make it, they made me see, I need to be here with them.

Deandre 15 in May, Alise 13 in November, Devin 11 In February and last but no where close to least Zoe-Rose 7 in september, going on 77.. Those are the Dandelions, my grandbabies.. The most beautiful flowers Jehovah ever made and guess what? 
I love raising Dandelions!

The End

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