Moon-In life all you need is the love of those you care for...

In life all you need is the love of those you care for - and food, and shelter, and money, and clothing,  and  a cat, and sleep , and coffee,  and chocolate and peanut butter, and battered butterfly shrimp, and the colour pink.

So that's all you need in life, if you are me, but if you're me, who am I? Oh, another thing that you need in life is sanity, and I can feel mine slipping.

There's a song from The Sound of Music that lists favourite things. these are my favorite things, I don't need them to live, but I need them to be happy.

Walking in the moonlight down by the river with the love of my life, my husband of 31  years. I need his love like he needs mine.

visiting with my family, my brothers and sister, their spouses and kids. I like talking to them, being part of their lives.

taking pictures at family gatherings

Talking on the phone or by computer with my sister and sister -in-law every week.

reading and writing stories on protagonize

making friends among the talented authors at protagonize

playing with my cat

The smell of lilacs


sewing costumes for the local shakespeare theatre

every possible form of coffee

every possible form of chocolate


The End

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