Eloosive- I watched the little boy as he cried over his poor dog

I watched the little boy as he cried over his poor dog, clutching the German Shepherd’s lifeless body to his skinny frame. He was oblivious to the rain. The way it created infinite, colliding ripples in the muddy puddles all around him; the way it released the black curls on his head that he so desperately tried to tame and keep hidden.

I knew he was remembering the day his mother and father brought Duke home from the animal shelter, how he couldn’t put any weight on his front right paw as they led him into the living room. He didn’t know until much, much later that Duke limped because his previous owner had been a drunk old man who had abused him terribly.

As his tears intermingled with the rain drops and he rocked slowly back and forth, I knew he was thinking of the warm weight on his feet when Duke slept in his room, always sneaking onto the bed after his parents turned off the light in the hall. Of the smell of dog breath on his face first thing in the morning, right after he had hit snooze on his Superman alarm clock.

But the warmth was gone now. There were no more breaths to be taken and expelled.

The driver was still in his car, shock and grief transforming his face into a mask that forced your eyes away. He would never drive again.

The boy continued to cry, the rain continued to fall and I continued to watch.

I knew he would never love another dog the way he loved this one. I knew this moment would terrorize his dreams for the next six months, making his bed a place to be feared. I knew that when his parents arrived they would be unable to find the words to make the tears stop. I knew he would cry until there were no more tears to cry.

I knew all of this because I was that boy.

The End

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