d.f.m - The uncomfortable silence measured nearly three times as long as her smile.

The uncomfortable silence measured nearly three times as long as her smile and I could barely stay seated any longer. My leg twitched uncomfortably under the table and my hands nearly strangled the cup of coffee that the nice, yet oblivious, young waitress had brought me only minutes before. Only moments before she had unflinchingly told me the truth.

"Are you sure?" I lick my lips, out of habit and start for my cigarettes in my shirt pocket.

A cough interrupts my thoughts and I look up at the same young waitress who now stands with a coffee pot beside the table next to ours. "No smoking please. If you gotta, then take it outside."

I smile at the blondie and aggressively stash my hands on my lap and stare out the window at the thunder ridden skies that only function as a foreshadow to my predicament.

"How do I know that you're not lying?" I say, finally glancing at her, at this small, fragile brunette, who's face was still in a strange grin.

"You just gotta trust me is all." She puts her hands on the table and arches her eyebrows at me. I stare at her pale, tiny hands and hesitate. "Come on now, I ain't gonna bite ya you know!" She tsks and I raise my hands awkwardly onto hers.

I am silent as she caresses them and talks in a hush voice. "Now, mama and papa don't have to know just yet; not till I start to show, but you gotta stay around you hear? Can't up and leave me, understand?"

I nod. She smiles even wider. I nod again.

"Now, ain't you just the least bit excited?"

I nod.

"To think, in here is a little you or me. With little hands and little toes..."

"Excuse me," I say and pull my hands out of hers. "I can't Carma, I just can't, we both know it ain't mine. It's that neighbor of yours, Riley." I grab my coat and stand up. She isn't smiling anymore, and the silence is not as uncomfortable.

I pay the bill and shrug at her. "I'm sorry Carma, I honestly am, but I just can't do it." I make my way out of the diner and never look back.

I never saw her again, her life will always be a thing in the past for me.


The End

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