Character Development (TheGirl)

(I have the original set of dice, the "Actions" dice and the "Enchanted" expansion set. Therefore, these are the only ones I'll be mentioning.

Note: When I say "Genre" dice, I mean dice from the Enchanted, Clues, Pre-historia, Intergalactic, and other expansion sets, depending on your genre of interest.)


A. Personality: Roll 3 Original dice + 1 genre dice:

            3 Original dice = 3 personality traits (none to be repeated throughout project if same image is rolled – explore different interpretations).

            Genre dice = Fatal flaw.

B. Background story: Roll 2 Original, 2 Action + 1 genre dice:

            2 Original = 2 past experiences.

            2 Action = 2 reactions to experiences.

            Genre dice = Overall effect of past.

C. Lifestyle and Motivation: 3 Action + 1 original OR genre dice:

            2 Actions = 2 things she enjoys/wants to do/does on a daily basis.

            1 Action = 1 secret/guilty pleasure.

            Original/Genre dice = End goal.

The End

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