I thought it might be fun to share some writing techniques involving Rory's Story Cubes. I'm currently coming out the other side of a prolonged case of the dreaded writer's block, and I'm finding these little things a very good way of oiling the old gears in the creative area!

If you've never encountered Rory's Story Cubes before, they are sets of dice that you can purchase from almost any book store, which have pictures instead of numbers on them. The game is aimed at kids, so that they can form stories with a beginning, a middle and an end, but lots of writers also use them as a tool for developing ideas. The biggest sets (the Original, Actions, and Voyages sets) include 9 dice, while most expansion sets include 3 dice that you can mix in with larger sets.

I decided to start this exercise so that we can all share our techniques, whether they involve character creation, plot development, battle scene writing, world building, or any other form of story planning or developing.

Feel free to add your own style sheets, or just write a post describing how you use story dice to form your ideas.

Have fun! 

- Niamh

The End

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