That night. It haunted her. It never left her. The night those humans had taken her mothers life.


"You filthy scum. How could you" her mothers last words rang in her ears every night. When she fell asleep and when she woke up. "You have betrayed me. Worse you have betrayed your daughter." She remembers sitting there in the back room where her mother had made her stay. She was not alowed to leave until they have left. In the other room she could here struggles and flesh hitting flesh. After a while a scream of agony.

"Let's put the filthy little elf out of her misery." One man said. She would never forget that voice. There was a bang and then silence. The men left.

"Mum?" she called. She crawled threw to the front room. Her mother was lying there. Blood pooling from her chest.


This is te curse that forever plays on Gilreans mind. Never fading. Never being forgotten.

The End

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