Lace Varion

The rain drummed on the blood soaked mud as four figures stood ten feet away from Lace. The sky was darkening with some sort of dark magic. He knew he had little time to defeat these four raiders however if he tried to attack, one of the four would use his magic and kill the diplomat cowering in the caravan.  He had another choice but was dead sure his fireball radius would burn the diplomat alive. The raiders grew impatient but dared not make the first move seeing that Lace alone fended off the brunt of their attack and took down many of their comrades single handedly. Lightning stroke on a nearby hilltop, he knew he had no other choice. He charged the magic user, sending magic to the blade of his great sword which began to glow a dull blue colour.

The magic user panicked and sent out a flurry of half finished spells. Which Lace skillfully deflected reforming the magic on his blade, and striking each spell with the blade. The magic user was sucked into the ground by his own spell's. The other three in anger retaliated. The one closest to Lace's left swung his axe barely missing his arm guard. The Raider directly in front of him smiled as he jabbed his spear at his chest. Lace deflected the potentially lethal blow with his sword just in time as the tip scraped at his shoulder. Lace jumped to the right to avoid the third raider who was readying his punching dagger to strike his heart. Now the raiders were all directly in front of him and he could take them all out with a couple quick hits and end this battle. He poured more magic to the blade of his Great sword, causing it to glow violently orange.

"This ends now!"  Lace shouted charging forward in the blink of an eye while making a wide sweep with his great sword cutting the bandits bodies in half.

Lace sheathed the sword his eyes swept the immediate area to catch a figure on a horse atop of the hill looking down on the scene. The figure turned its horse and took off as the sound of thunder rolled in. He had a feeling that he would be seeing that figure again, and turned around to get the diplomat back on his way to the Dwarven border.


"Thank you for your services, I will be sure to make your contractor to pay you extra, Mr Varion."  The diplomat thanked him again.

"It is just my job." Lace replied quietly itching to get back on his search of revenge.

"One last thing, I think this is an offer that no man like yourself can refuse. The counsel of Arcieth wishes to assemble a team of skilled men and women such as yourself. The reward is very high. I will send a letter recommendation in case you take the offer." The diplomat offered happily. 

"I  Shall consider it sir. Thank you for your kindness."

"Don't thank me, I can't thank you enough, especially in these dark days many brave men flee such danger." .

The diplomat turned away now accompanied by a squad of disgruntled looking dwarves. He was relieved the bumbling, cowardly diplomat was gone. He had been annoying him for the last day and half since the attack. However  Lace could not refuse the offer. Maybe this would be his chance to pick up the trail on the dark wizard that slaughtered his family and everyone he ever knew when he was only a boy. 

Lace clenched his fist, as he began his long journey back to Arcieth. As he walked memories of his sister being burned alive while his father fell to his knees after being stabbed, and impaled by his attackers several times.  He ran, ran as far as he could, but he remembered the the wizard with dark red eyes , his cruel laughing face was burned into his painful memories.

"I will find you!" He yelled to push away any doubt in his mind.

The End

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