All too soon, Risingstorm had to get ticks off the elders, so Specklestone was left alone, feeling the spot where the blue tabby tom was a few heartbeats ago turn cold. Sighing, she checked where the sun was in the sky. It was past sun high, and almost dusk; soon all the Clan would be back to share tongues. Just as Specklestone was about to walk out of camp to go hunting, she was called back by Skystreak.

"No, Specklestone. That scratch on your back needs to heal. You are confined to camp until Fallensun says that it's all better." Seeing that Goldenpaw and Risingstorm knew not to leave camp as well, Skystreak trotted after them.

Well, what would she do now? The medicine cats were already taken care of, and Goldenpaw and Risingstorm were getting ticks off Tangleshadow and Crookedfang. Specklestone hated being confined to camp, no matter how serious her wounds were.

Just then, Blackkit, Barkkit, and Pearlkit came bounding up to her. "Hey, Specklestone, can you play with us? We promise not to jump on your back." Pearlkit squeaked.

Nightsky came and apologized to her. "I'm sorry, my kits should be in the nursery."

"No, no. It's completely fine. I'm not very busy at the moment anyway." The words were hardly out of Specklestone's mouth before Barkkit jumped up on her and tackled her legs, careful not to touch the she-cat's injured spine. All three kits were trying to take her down now, but trying unsuccessfully. On any other day Specklestone would have let them take her down, but she had to be careful not to rub off the poultice. Not after long, Specklestone sensed trouble, and then heard Fallensun and Patchpaw burst into the clearing, eyes wide with panick. Dawnwing and Shadowleap were not far behind, looking very confused.

"The rogues will destroy us all!" Fallensun yowled, sending tension shooting through the Clan.

The End

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