Shadowleap looked over Dawnwing's shoulder at the patrol. Pebblestar and Skystreak were walking away together and Risingstorm looked slightly disappointed, but at the same time determined. Then, they saw that Risingstorm and Specklestone brushed pelts slightly, and Shadowleap glanced at Dawnwing.

"Looks like we're having a little romance going on." He joked. 

Specklestone was a fairly quiet cat, and Risingstorm was very nice. They would make good mates for each other. That is, if they were more than just friends. Did everyone in StormClan have someone special? Pebblestar didn't, and neither did Skystreak, but sometimes it looked as though they were together as well. 

Clearing it from her mind, she purred at Shadowleap's remark.

"I was supposed to help Fallensun pick herbs and I think it'll be super boring if I don't have someone to help me. Would you mind? I'm sure he can use the extra paws." She proposed, trying not to let herself sound desperate, although she was sure that some desperation must have gotten into her voice.

Shadowleap didn't look at her with pity, but instead he exclaimed enthusiastically,

"Sure! I'd love to help you out. Let's go."

And with that, they both rose to their feet and padded in sync towards the medicine cat den. Inside, they found Fallensun cleaning up the herbs he must have used on the wounded cat's scratches and such. Dawnwing respectfully dipped her head to Patchpaw who looked as though she was sorting out fresh herbs from the ones that looked a little old. 

"Fallensun," Shadowleap dipped his head to the Medicine Cat, "I was invited to help pick herbs." 

"You may accompany us. We'll be going by the border near the meadow. That's usually where I find goldenrod and tansy, we're running low on both. Thanks for offering a paw."

"It's no problem. I probably had nothing else useful to do anyway." Shadowleap replied.

"Then let's go." Fallensun pushed past them and out of the den, heading towards the entrance of the camp.

The End

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