Dawnwing hurried from the den and the injured cats. They all had a slight look of pride; they must have scared the cats that attacked them away. That was good for them, but Dawnwing wished she had been there, too, to help. 

'I can't be everywhere,' She thought glumly to herself, 'it just wouldn't be fair.'

Brushing the thought away, the light brown she-cat glanced around the camp, spotting Shadowleap and looking away. Did he really like her?  It was the first time she had thought about it since returning to camp. Was what Dapplepaw said true? Dapplepaw might have tricked her a lot, but she definitely came off as a cat who made things up, unlike all the other younger cats. She had seemed quite excited as well. It didn't matter to Dawnwing, though, since her mind was typically only on Lionspirit. Did he like her as well? She didn't know, but maybe she should tell him about how she feels about him. 

There he was. Lionspirit was near the queen's den, but there was another cat near him that she didn't recognize at first. Squinting, she soon figured it out; it was Wildriver! They must be mates! Nobody really knew who her mate was when she first announced that she was going to have kits, but everyone assumed she was a traitor and mated with a rogue or loner and they didn't come live with StormClan. They didn't have proof of it, though, so Pebblestar decided not to do anything about it. Now, it seemed that Lionspirit was her mate, and everyone would soon know. Of course he didn't like her. Dawnwing's best bet would probably be with Shadowleap, and he was fairly nice. Instead of dwelling on what should have been, she simply let it go and turned towards where Shadowleap was still standing, padding in his direction. 

"Hey, Shadowleap!" She called as she got near, "How's it going?" 

"Pretty good. Did you see Specklestone and Risingstorm and Goldenpaw return? They looked pretty torn up."

"Yeah. I hope they'll be okay; that scratch on Goldenpaw's face did not look good."

Shadowleap purred at her remark and lied down, motioning with his head for her to do the same. Dawnwing stretched into a laying position and waited for him to say something. 

The End

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