Goldenpaw limped back to camp, leaning on Specklestone's shoulder.

"Specklestone," Risingstorm mewed, "That scratch on your back doesn't look too good." There was concern in his meow.

Specklestone retaliated, "Yeah? And that torn ear doesn't look too good either."

"It doesn't hurt at all, though." Risingstorm replied.

The grey speckled warrior didn't answer. They finally got to the medicine cat den and found Dawnwing in there as well. The rest of StormClan was beginning to notice the bedraggled patrol's return.

Lionspirit shouted, "Hey! Pebblestar! I think that the dawn patrol ran into a little skirmish!"

This set off a whole bunch of questions, along with Blackkit, Pearlkit, and Barkkit squeaking and trying to run over to the medicine den. Nightsky would then shoo them back into the nursery.

Fallensun hurried Specklestone, Risingstorm, and Goldenpaw inside, away from the pestering questions of the Clan.

"Dawnwing, you may leave now." He spoke with authority, and the light brown she-cat dipped her head and left.

"Treat Goldenpaw first." Specklestone and Risingstorm requested in unison, then glanced at each other in embarrassment. Fallensun seemed to notice this little exchange of glances, but didn't comment. He soon was finished with Goldenpaw when Patchpaw appeared in the den.

"What happened here?" There was concern in his mew.

"Nobody knows yet." Fallensun didn't even look up from his work.

Patchpaw ruffled out his pelt. "I'll help you two over here."

Specklestone's scrape down her spine was treated first. Dock leaves were put on, and they stung worse than when she had got the marks. When she winced, Patchpaw shied away for a moment, but then continued his work.

Risingstorm's scrapes were also treated with dock, and his torn ear was treated with goldenrod. Fallensun spoke from where he was with Goldenpaw,

"This scratch on your face will definitely leave a scar." Seeing the horrified expression that Goldenpaw gave him, he quickly changed the subject, "Patchpaw, where did you put the horsetail?"

"It's right over here with me." He mumbled, smearing the ointment on both the cats' wounds.

Fallensun took some over to the ginger she-cat. When they were all done, they walked out of the den, and were met with a very angry Pebblestar and Skystreak.

The End

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