Dawnwing glanced in Dapplepaw's direction before checking where the sun was in the sky. By now it was mid-morning and she still had the rest of the day to go. Already she was worn out for the little ruse Dapplepaw had pulled. Shadowleap was nearing the freshkill pile, eyeing up the squirrel she had caught. Dawnwing felt glad that she could feed a member of her Clan. If only she could be this useful any other day. Not that it had been easy; she had an apprentice tire her out all morning. 

Of course she wouldn't tell the leader about it. Dawnwing was good at keeping secrets. 

Maybe she should do something else today as well. Although tired, Dawnwing liked the feeling of helping her Clan and would like to do more. 

"Skystreak!" she called to the deputy, "Is there anything else I can do?" Skystreak thought for a moment before replying,

"Not as far as I know. The patrols are set already. You could possibly help Fallensun, though. He let me know that he needs herbs earlier. Go see him."

Dawnwing was disappointed by being given such a meager task. Picking herbs was the last thing on her mind. She couldn't argue with the deputy, as she had learned, it usually got her in trouble. By the look the Skystreak had given her after finishing her sentence, Dawnwing knew it was an order. She was stuck helping the medicine cat. She headed across the giant shadow that was the camp and into the den where Fallensun was. 

"Hello?" She called quietly into the crevice in the rock. "I was told to help you out with some herb picking?"

A shuffling sound came from somewhere near the back of the den, where it was completely dark. Then, a meow sounded, obviously belonging to Fallensun.

"Yes of course. I knew Skystreak would find someone to help me out. You seem like a hardworking enough cat."

Dawnwing was not. It was apparent that he knew nothing about her. Maybe this little task would be good for him. Maybe he'd tell the leader what a good job she had done if she did it well. She had never picked herbs before, she never had a reason to. This would probably never be useful to her, but she had an order to do it anyway.

The End

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