"An invitation over the border? I didn't think that was what the cats of StomClan were all about." The tabby tom flattened his ears.

"I'm not afraid of you." Risingstorm hissed through gritted teeth.

"Maybe not now, but you will be." The tom jumped over the stream border in one giant leap and attacked Goldenpaw first. He was much bigger and stronger than her, which was a distinct disadvantage for Goldenpaw. Without hesitation, the tom lunged for her throat, but she was able to move so that he just barely missed her. Seeing that Risingstorm was distracted, the black and white she-cat writhed until he lost his grip on her.

Throwing herself onto the muscular tabby, Specklestone was able to pin him and give him some scratches to remember her by. But he soon through her off, and she landed on the  forest floor with a sickening thud. With the wind knocked out of her, she gasped for air, painfully aware that the tabby tom would be on top of her any moment now. Sure enough, he attacked her, raking his thorn-sharp claws down her spine. Goldenpaw, now recovered, launched herself at the tom, who was taken aback by her strength. The tabby's belly dangerously exposed, the ginger apprentice took advantage and dug her hind claws into him. The tom was loosing blood now, and retreated into the stream and onto the opposite bank.

The black and white rogue had Risingstorm pinned, and tried to lunge at his throat, just barely missing while he fought for his life. Both Goldenpaw and Specklestone hurled themselves at the she-cat, and seeing that she was outnumbered, she gave one final menacing hiss, and retreated into the water.

"I will be back, this time with friends, and I assure you, your blood will be spilled." The tabby tom shook his pelt, sending scarlet drops of blood scattering around him.

"Leave, and never come back!" Goldenpaw hissed, ears flattened.

"Oh I will come back, I promise you that." The tabby tom's last words were ominously echoed in the cats' minds.

Shaking out her fur, Specklestone checked on the patrol. "Is everyone okay? Any serious wounds?" She had been concerned for Goldenpaw and Risingstorm the whole time she fought.

"I'm fine, just a few scratched and a torn ear." The blue tabby tom meowed.

"Goldenpaw?" Specklestone was worried most for her apprentice. She could see a long scratch running from the top of her head, across her eye, and down to her chin.

"Yeah, yeah, I think I'm okay. I feel a little light-headed, but I can still walk." The apprentice's eyes seemed distracted.

"Alright, let's get you to the medicine den and get you all cleaned up."

And with that, the patrol set off for camp.


The End

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