Dapplepaw's small mew made Dawnwing feel even worse.

"Are you going to tell the leader what I did?"

A sigh escaped Dawnwing's mouth, all of her anger disappearing with the apprentice's frightened words.

"No, but please, never do it again. Do you understand me? Why did you even do it in the first place?"

Dapplepaw seemed slightly nervous for a moment, but then her face lit up in amusement.

"Well.." she said, "you see, there's someone in the Clan that told me to bug you while I had to go out with you so I tried my best. I think he likes you."

Dawnwing clearly looked surprised, for Dapplepaw's next words were quick and pleading.

"Please don't tell anyone I told you that or ask about it- I wasn't supposed to tell."

Another sigh crept its way through Dawnwing. Of course she wasn't allowed to know who. It would be a lot of drama, and she liked drama a lot, being the center of attention was what Dawnwing lived for. At least she knew it was a tom in the Clan, not some jealous or angry she-cat trying to get back at her. Someone liked her!

"Well, who is it?"

Dawnwing's voice must have sounded excited because Dapplepaw shifted closer to tell her. Could it be Lionspirit? She had noticed him a while back because he had slain a fox that was terrorizing patrols in the territory, and it had even injured one of the warriors. He seemed nice enough and she wouldn't mind if they became a thing together.


This didn't surprise her in the least, although it was a serious disappointment. Of course Lionspirit didn't like her. Nothing good ever happened to her. Shadowleap was alright, though, she liked him well enough. Just not in the way that Dapplepaw said that he liked her. Dawnwing moved away and didn't even take note of what was just told to her.

"Let's gather our freshkill and head back."

Dapplepaw, to say the minimum, was as disappointed as her. Or, she at least looked it.

"Sure. And, sorry about doing that. I really am. It won't happen again."


On their way back, Dawnwing caught a squirrel to add to the pile. Dapplepaw was able to fit only both the mice in her mouth, so Dawnwing was carrying the shrew as well. They entered the camp one at a time, and the Clan was happy with what they had brought back.

The End

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