The attacking she-cat came at Specklestone first. Claws unsheathed, Specklestone threw the intruder onto her back; she could feel her claws digging into her skin. Yowling under Specklestone's grasp, the black and white cat squirmed and wriggled until she finally lost her grip. Hissing, the rogue threw herself at Specklestone once again, but this time, Risingstorm intercepted her before she could lay another claw on Specklestone. He pinned her again, and this time kept her where she was. He lowered his muzzle so that his and the she-cat's were only a whisker length apart.

"What in the name of StarClan are you doing on StormClan territory?" Specklestone had never seen Risingstorm this aggressive before.

The black and white rogue didn't even have time to answer, for another screech sounded, this time it was as loud as the whole of StarClan was yowling down on them. Just then, a huge tabby tom with amber eyes prowled out from the bushes, his gaze narrow.

"Let her go." He growled in a deep meow.

Risingstorm didn't back down. "Why don't you come over here and make me?" He growled through gritted teeth.

The sly smile on the tom's face told Specklestone that this tom was going to be more trouble than they could handle.


The End

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