The hunting was not going well. First, Dapplepaw tried to convince her that there was a mouse somewhere in the thick leaves below the tree, then tried to take off on her own. This did not please Dawnwing. When she finally caught up with the apprentice, Dapplepaw had caught three mice and a shrew. Slyly, Dapplepaw had smiled and buried her catches. This infuriated Dawnwing even more so. After Dawnwing finally calmed down from the mess, Dapplepaw tried to lose her yet again by climbing up a tree and jumping to the next one, losing sight of Dawnwing below. If Dawnwing hadn't have been responsible for her, she would have just taken Dapplepaw's freshkill back to camp. Of course, she wouldn't have taken credit for it, but she would definitely not have waited for Dapplepaw. After a while of not finding the clever apprentice, Dawnwing began to worry a little. The warrior-in-training could have crossed the border and gotten lost, or worse, have been killed.

"Dapplepaw!" She called in a worried meow. Still no reply. She tried again and again and there was still nothing. This began to place a serious anxiousness inside her. If she didn't find the apprentice quickly, she would be in deep trouble when she returned with no Dapplepaw and a story about how she lost her.

Before anything else happened, a flash of fur caught her eye in a nearby tree. Then, down came Dapplepaw from a branch further up. She landed on her feet and smirked in Dawnwing's direction.

"Pretty good, huh?"

She asked proudly, already knowing the answer to her own question. Dawnwing was beyond furious. She screeched and launched herself at the small cat, pinning her to the forest floor.

"Never, ever do that again! Do you know what would have happened if I would have returned and told everyone that I lost you? I would have most likely been banished from the Clan!"

Her breathing was heavy in the apprentice's face but she slowly began to calm down once seeing the frightened look she was receiving. Dawnwing removed herself from Dapplepaw and sat down, still a little angry. Another long day.


The End

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