On the way to the border, Goldenpaw had caught a crow, and Risingstorm hunted down two mice. Specklestone hadn't caught anything, so instead she scorned her apprentice,

"We're on a border patrol, not a hunting patrol."

"But Risingstorm got two mice." Goldenpaw whined.

Specklestone just rolled her blue-gray eyes and picked up the pace.

"Let's remark the border line, and be on the lookout for intruding rogues." Specklestone ordered.

It was only after the fourth tree that was marked when Risingstorm scented something. "Over here! I think I smell something unusual."

Specklestone trotted over and stiffed the bush that Risingstorm was near. Sure enough, she smelled a different cat scent, one that was definitely not from StormClan. Before anybody had anytime to react, a black and white she-cat jumped the stream and attacked the border patrol with no warning.


The End

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