As she looked around the camp, underneath the overhanging rock, she saw Skystreak giving the orders for what to do today. After a few more moments of watching, Dawnwing noticed what looked like a dawn patrol being sent out. Had she missed out on going on anything today? Perhaps she could just go out on her own and hunt. She was sick and tired of that already, but if there was nothing else she could do to prove her loyalty to StormClan, she would do this. Heading over to where the deputy was, she loudly questioned,

"Is there something I can do?"

'If there isn't,' she thought darkly, 'I'm going to be very upset.'

"Of course there is, Dawnwing," replied Skystreak, "you can hunt with Dapplepaw while Darkripple is sick."

Dipping her head in relief as well as gratitude, Dawnwing glanced in Dapplepaw's direction. The young apprentice was a great hunter, if she had heard from rumors around the Clan correctly.

"Alright, let's go, Dapplepaw."

She trotted towards the entrance to the camp, a small opening in the vines that hung down over the ledge of the rock, and looked back over her shoulder to make sure Dapplepaw was following once she reached the opening.


The End

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