Specklestone listened intently to the orders that Skystreak was giving.

"Specklestone, take Goldenpaw and Risingstorm on a dawn patrol along the stream border."

She beckoned with her tail to the cats that were called on her patrol.

"Where are we going?" Goldenpaw asked eagerly.

"On a dawn patrol to the stream." Specklestone replied, puffing out her chest. She would be sure to impress Risingstorm this time. Last time was a total disaster; she had been on a hunting patrol and tripped on a rabbit hole while giving chase to a shrew. The shrew escaped, and Specklestone ended up in the medicine den for nearly a moon with a twisted paw. Despite her attempt to show off, Risingstorm came to check on her every day, which sent a warm feeling crawling through her fur.

Bringing herself back to the present, she shook out her fur and made sure everyone was prepared to leave.

"Alright. Let's go catch some rogues!" Specklestone beamed.

"Specklestone!" Skystreak called, "You're not looking for trouble. Only fight if absolutely necessary."

Feeling hot under her pelt, she set off.

The End

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