Dawnwing opened her eyes to see the sun glaring through the trees. She could sense restlessness inside and outside of the den- everyone was beginning to wake and start their daily activities. She had only been in the Clan for a few moons now, but she already felt at home. Here was where she belonged. Without another moment of hesitation, she got to her paws and stretched, slowly easing her muscles into wakefulness. Yesterday she had hunted practically from sunrise to sundown, pushing her body to the maximum. It was a shame Pebblestar hadn't given her an apprentice- she would have made for a good mentor. The main reason, he had told her, was that she hadn't lived here long and they were still a little iffy about her. It didn't really matter all that much to her, though, because her dignity would never be harmed. Even if the leader himself told her that she didn't really belong yet. Dawnwing quickly pushed the thought away and exited the den. She had to blink a few times to keep from hurting her eyes from the light, but once it went away, she saw that half the Clan was already awake. Her muscles still sore, it was going to be another long day.


The End

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