Stories of the Imaginary (A Brainstorming Exercise)

Since a recent Web Publishing project has gotten me off my lazy rear and finally forced me into doing my comic (we'll see where it goes), I thought I'd do some brainstorming so any of my ideas stay recorded somewhere (plus, I'm running out of hard drive space--20GB, ftl).

The blighted ones. Every damn cursed one of them surrounded me as I glimpsed into my wife's eyes.

They were cold. Unforgiving. Not the Soma I knew.

Ed had already fell. It was only natural I'd be next.

As I watched Soma's lance home in toward my chest, everything shattered as my alarm sounded.

Normally, I would cringe at the annoying sound, but this time, it brought me great relief from the nightmare.

I glanced over toward Soma, who was still asleep, then sighed in relief.

Ricco Phillips sat upright in his bed for a few more moments before finally deciding to prepare his morning coffee.

His partner and roommate, Ed Sagehill, was already awake, attempting to prepare breakfast out of the sparse ingredients in the refrigerator.

"Oi, Ricco. Sleep well?"

"Not at all."

"Eh. Well, either Soma or her sister needs to do something about the food situation. An omelet one egg does not make."

"Didn't Soma conjure a whole new carton of eggs yesterday?"

"Re-iterating my statement, 'an omelet one egg does not make'."

"Ed... You were the only one who ate an omelet yesterday."

"And, it was a very good 12-egg omelet."

"Can't you eat anything with normal-sized proportions?"


"Hrm. Well, Soma said she wanted to sleep in today. Might as well go to Wowburger."

Ed became a little distempered at the sound of the burger-joint.

"What's wrong with Wowburger?"

"That one chef, Arthas, won't leave me alone. He keeps complaining to me about how he lost kingship of some undead army. Apparently he's pissed about his helmet."

"Hey, he's going through some tough times. Be nice to him." scolded Ricco. "I hear he lost his pet dragon, too."

"Don't remind me of that story..." Ed sighed as he walked out the door.

Ricco yawned as he checked the fridge, moving the milk to reveal two cartons of fresh eggs.

"That dumbass," he laughed.

The End

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