Oh, and the one where kids ruled the world?

The queen sighed, a grumpy, frustrated look on her face. 

"Something for you?" she said blandly to the pair of guards who stood in the middle of her throne room, fidgeting and avoiding her piercing brown eyes. It was bound to be something good, this time. It had better be.

"It's, um, well..." one of the guards finally stammered out, meeting her eyes at last. "We're from Highrock, milady, an' the...well, the..."

"It's Cell Block Alpha, milady," the other one said, looking up at last. "They're riotin' again, they are."

"Again?" the queen groaned in frustration and stood, her dark mood and growing headache only compounding with the news. "This makes the third time this month for Highrock alone! And I suppose you listened?" The guards' silence was all she needed. The Infant preserve her from stupid guards who couldn't even do their jobs right or keep their highest security prisoners down!

"Take me to them," she sighed at last, pinching the bridge of her nose. The guards nodded timidly, and her own personal Queensguard fell in around them, far better trained than these sloppy prison guards. She would have to have a word with the overseer of Highrock. This was getting ridiculous.

What kind of prison overseer couldn't even fulfill his primary duty: keeping the adults safely locked away for their own good?

The End

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