Remember the story about edgy rock star who fell in love with his main rival's baby sister?

"Oh, come on now. Do we really have to do this all over again?" Katie asked while impatiently waiting for her big brother to give in to her just like he always does.

"I really can't condone this, Katie. You know what dating Mark might do to my career. And if you think that he'll take care of you for the rest of your life, you're delusional. As soon as he starts touring again there will be a girl in every city and you'll be here crying," Stephen replied. He didn't mean to make her feel bad, but he was worried about her.

"Whatever, Stevie," Katie says, brushing past him on her way out the door.


Mark is pacing back and forth in front of the mixing station as he stabs the air with a staccato fist. He is deep in thought of how to bridge a song from verse to verse. He stops moving and abruptly turns the other direction while tapping out a rhythm on his thigh. Then in one fluid motion he sinks to the floor, grabbing his guitar along the way, and bends at the waist over the guitar in order to jot down the next chords and lyrics of his song.

He is so lost in thought that he doesn't even notice when Katie walks in the door. For him, it was just the kaleidoscope of words and colors and sounds and sensations. He could see the color of a particular note and taste the words like candy. This is the time of day that Katie likes best--she doesn't have to worry that her heart had led her to potentially ruin the career of the brother she had always adored. Why did she always have to find the balance between the two?

The End

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