Or that one where everyone is really in a video game?

"Gavin!" came the horrified scream, as he plummeted of the cliff edge to his inevitable death of sorrow and pa - 


And suddenly, Gavin reappeared back on top of the cliff.

Before he could be amazed at how he had survived - he bent over, and vomited.

"Gavin?" asked Laura, looking absolutely amazed. The other four were baffled. "You're alive! But - "

"I feel like somebody scrambled my stomach," moaned Gavin.

And then Andrew pointed out. "Look, his stomach! It looks... pixelated!"

Then came the voice, emotionless and robotic; "Two lives left for Gavin."

"Wait," said Laura in disbelief. "We're in a video game?!?"

Gavin sighed, thankful. He didn't want to die.

Then he vomited again.

The End

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