That one about the foot was was awesome. What happened in it again?

A shreik sounded from a little way off. Of course, Andy knew who it was. Who else could it be?

"Josie," he said in exasperation. "Would you PLEASE stop screaming at every little bug you see?"

"N- not a bug!" squeaked Josie.

He sighed. "There aren't any snakes here, if you think you're looking at one. The tour guide said."

"N-not a snake!!!"

"Well then WHAT?" he said impatiently.

Josie whimpered. "C-come here!"

Irritated, Andy walked towards her, picking his way through the tree roots. He almost tripped four times. He couldn't wait until he got out of this forest. "If this is a joke, Jo, I swear..." he began.

But then he stopped.

He was staring at a giant... foot.

"Wha - bu - ah - no - urgh - " Andy stammered.

Josie whimpered. "I TOLD you!"

They both stared at it.

"Josie?" Andy whispered at last.

Josie gazed up at the fat, hairy ankle above the huge foot. "Y- yeah?"


The End

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