How about the one with the tree that never stopped growing? How old was that tree again?

The fairies of Lamalooloo never really found the tree so interesting; they were used to it, I suppose. But the foreign nymphs who came and saw it were completely baffled, of course.

Who wouldn't be by a forever growing, ENORMOUS tree?

Jimpy's grandfather said it was here when he was born. He also said his grandfather said the same, and his the same, and his the same. Soon, Jimpy would say this to his grandson too.

"But, Grandpa, what if it... dissapears?" asked Jimpy, slightly awed.

Grandpa coughed dissaprovingly. "This 'ole tree will not dissapear. It'll live forever... or, atleast, we hope."

Jimpy waggled his pixie ears. "What do you mean?"

"Listen here, Jimpy," said Grandpa hoarsely. "This tree will never stop growing until we want to destroy it."

"What do you mean, Grandpa?" questioned Jimpy urgently.

Grandpa pointed to the top of the tree, which could be seen through the window. Fog swirled around it.

"The tip of that tree... is a new world. Called Earth. And until the magicless fairies on Earth don't destroy this tree, everyone will live. It's up to them."

The End

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