How about that book revealing Ms. Frizzle to be a Time Lord.

Ms. Frizzle was about to pull the lever when a man jumped into the bus.


"Doctor!" She smiled. "What are you doing here?"

The man seemed out of breath. He plopped down next to Arnold, who fidgeted nervously. The Doctor turned to where Liz sat on the dashboard.

"A kzi? I thought those were extinct."

"There is a large colony thriving on an asteroid," Ms. Frizzle said cheerily, swiveling to face him.

"Ms. Frizzle?" asked Wanda, "what is going on?"

The Doctor's brow furrowed. "Frizzle?"

"My human name. Do you like it?"

The doctor grinned. "I think it fits you. However, I came here to ask for your help."

For the first time in a long time, Ms. Frizzle's ever present smile faltered.

"If it involves going back to Gallifrey, I refuse. I have a great life here on Earth and-"

 "Gallifrey is gone."


"I killed all the other Time Lords." Ms. Frizzle's jaw dropped. She looked back and forth like she did not know what to do.

The Doctor leaned forward in his seat. "Look. You are the only Time Lord I know left. I wouldn't ask you to do this if I didn't know you were the only one that could."

Ms. Frizzle sat for a long will, seemingly deep in thought. Then she spoke.

"You expect me to go off on some adventure with no plan or strategy?"

The Doctor looked surprised. "You always did before."

Ms. Frizzle's face broke into a smile. "You know me too well. But my students..."

"It is nothing too dangerous. At least, it is not any more dangerous than what you probably put them through."

Ms. Frizzle turned around. "Change of plans. We are going to..."

The Doctor spoke up. "1786. London, England."

"Yes. To study fuel."

Everyone except Arnold cheered.

"I knew I should have stayed home today," he groaned as Ms. Frizzle pulled the lever with a loud whoop...

The End

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