An opera about soap

The director flitted frantically around the backstage area, shrieking his discontent.

"Where is Ivory?" He screeched to no one in particular. The cast members stood around in their gaudy costumes and absurdly rosy cheeks, frightened looks upon their over-lined eyes.

"Curtain up in five! In FIVE!" He looked as though he might simply keel over from panic. "The star of the show! Missing! Five minutes!" He rambled incoherently. There was a moment of silence, then, "Don't just stand there; FIND IVORY!" He bellowed at the bewildered cast members.

Everyone scuffled and scurried around, bumping into one another in their attempt to look as though they were finding Ivory, the star of the show. Beyond the heavy, scarlet curtain that was shielding the commotion, the chatter of two thousand people could be heard. This made the director slightly more hysterical.

As a last ditch effort, he ran into the ladies change rooms, despite having looked there twice before. This time, however, the patter of water could be heard coming from the back, and the low hum of an out-of-tune song. The director tiptoed towards the showers in the back of the change room, creeping quietly towards the sound of the falling water.

The humming was louder now. There was somebody in the shower. The director reached out his hand toward the curtain, fearful, although he wasn't sure why. In one swift movement, he pulled back the curtain and revealed the woman inside. She shrieked in surprise at being exposed. 

The director took in the scene before him and gasped inwardly. In her left hand, a small white bar was clutched tightly; the rest of her body was lathered in bubbles.

The director raised his hand in horror, pointed and wailed, "Murderer!"

The End

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