Something about a zombie mermaid, I forget the details

Machuella trained her eyes toward the pier, as the sunrise turned New York Harbor away from shade.

"Anything yet?", she asked, drolly slapping her exposed fish fin on the flat rock beside her.

With a spuddling spit quickly being overcome by a horrendous hack, her friend submerged, eyes bursting like ripe plum's pits.  Garner, lay on the rock beside her sister, wheezing and heaving, as if ready to cough up a can of sardines.

"How long?", asked Garner, as vision softly restored to her strained eyes.

"Twenty seconds."

Garner groaned, tucking her arm into her matted, wet hair.

"Pretty stupid - giving us human lungs and a fish torso."

"Well, let's go ashore, maybe the zombie apocalypse might start today"

"You watch too many movies."

"Do you have a better idea?!"

Garner motioned to her sister's watch.  "Call me when it's been a minute".

And with a swish she disappeared below the surface, flapping her tail in a playful enthusiastic geture good bye.

The End

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