Remember when we used to read Goosebumps and you wrote a story resembling one of them?

Henry takes another step as the sound of flapping wings startles him. He leaps back as a horde of bats take off into the night.

"Whoa, that was close."

"It certainly wassss." Hissed a voice in the darkness.

Henry's eyes widen as the darkness enfolds him, making seeing much more difficult. "Who are you? Where are you?"

"I am the one behind all thossssse disssssappearing children, they are ever ssssso tasssssty. And now, I'm going to eat you!"

The sound of her movement alerted Henry to her position. He moved in enough time to avoid being a snack. Then, he picked up his flashlight and turned it on. He panned it from left to right but didn't see anything. But then, he saw it. A naga, with the lower body of a snake and the upper body of a woman. And her eyes were too much. As soon as he looked into them he became hypnotized. And over slithered the naga as she devoured his mindless corpse.

The End

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