I remember that fan fiction story you wrote about Harry Potter

"Expelliarmus!" Harry yelled as Draco's wand flicked out of his hand. "How dare you say those things about my parents!" Then, for good measure Harry slugged him one across the face.

Draco's hand goes to his face, "You made my nose bleed! You'll pay for that!" Draco scrambles to get his wand and then he points it at Harry "Tarantallegra!"

Harry's legs begin dancing of their own accord and then Harry grasps his wand and screams "Stupefy!" Knocking Draco unconscious, then Harry casts the disillusionment charm, making Draco invisible.

Harry begins to walk away but is interrupted as Snape walks around the corner.

"Was it just me, or where there the sounds of dueling going on in this hallway? Particularly about a slandered ego, Mr. Potter?"

Harry's eyes become wide and he clenches his fist around his wand. Then, he pulls it up "Stu-"

"Expelliarmus!" Snape says as Harry's wand is flicked aside. "Silencio." He says, rendering Harry silent. "Renneverate," he says as Draco regains consciousness and then he flicks his wand as Draco becomes visible. "Mr. Malfoy, you will go to my office, I will deal with you later. I must bring Mr. Potter to Ms. McGonigal."

Draco nods and does what he is told and Snape brings Harry to Ms. McGonigal's office.

The End

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