I wish you still wrote about that man that walked into a bar...literally

Duval stared up at the sky in a daze, barely registering the huge fluffy clouds that floated lazily across the otherwise clear blue expanse.  What had hit him?  It felt like a club.

Then the end of a long wooden bar embedded itself in the ground right next to his head.   It wasn't exactly a club, but it would explain the painful bump that was forming on the back of his head.

The Jamaican followed the line of that staff upwards to where a very beautiful dark skinned woman with flaming red hair was smirking down at him.

"Hi there," she said in a sultry tone.  "Remember me?"

Duval blinked at her owlishly.  "Ummm..."

She frowned at him, then pulled up the staff to raise it high over her head before bringing it down quickly once more.

The End

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