Or how about that other story about the talking cats who are ghost hunters?



"You shhhh!"

"Hushhh, shut up!"



The cats gradually quieted down, their heads ducking just below various objects in the dark room, their ears poking slightly above. As their bright, wide eyes stared in yellowy silence toward the mysterious hallway, their tails swished uncontrollably behind them. Fortunately this went unnoticed, except that the cats in the back tended to occasionally become distracted by the tails of the cats in front of them, and would swat fanatically at the carpet, always a step behind. Still, if there had been anyone else in the room, the cats remained sufficiently still and quiet to have not alerted them to the present feline infestation. 

Of course, there wasn't anyone else in the room, living or otherwise. But the cats didn't know that for certain, and the only way to find out was to hide for hours and then pounce all at once. Surely that would do it.

The End

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