Remember that one story? That rewrite of Peter Pan where Capt. Hook was the hero and Peter was the villain?

Captain Hook finished polishing his hook and grunted. "That Peter Pan. I wonder when he'll stop trying to take over Neverland."

"Aye, sir. Thinks he owns the place," said his crew mate, washing the deck.

"Well, it doesn't help that he's got control of that crocodile and that evil urchin Tinkerbell to do his bidding." More like Tinkerhell, thought the captain. That little fairy would spit fire and had the ability to kill if one looked her right in the eye, like a basilisk. She was a brutal creature and hard to capture. 

The crewmate, Mr. Smee, pats the captain on his back. "You'll get 'em one day, Cap'n. A good man always gets revenge."

"Even so, I didn' know the crocodile bit off my hand 'cause Pan told him to for a long while. I thought he did it of his own accord. That boy is good for being so young."

"It's not him, Cap'n. It's Tinkerbell. She has all the power. She's the one with the magic."

"So you're saying that we need to take her out?"

"We have to. Pan is powerless without her."

"Mr. Smee, round up the crew. We have a new mission."

"Aye-aye, Cap'n."

Just as Mr. Smee was about to do what the captain commanded, a faint buzzing sound started to come from the clouds above the ship. It took only a second for that sound to erupt from a black swarm of what appeared to be insects. Despite flying down from the clouds, it was clear that these creatures weren't from heaven, nor were they even insects. They were Tinkerbell's followers.

"She's at it again, Cap'n!" shouted another crew member.

The crew tried to raise the protective covering over the ship, just as the swarm overtook its entirety, like the Kraken from the sea.

The End

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