I had been lissioning in on Navie and Evelyn

"Any idea where exactly we're going?" asked Navie

"None at all," evelyn had replied.

A time later Ander called back to all of us.

"Anyone want to volunteer to scout ahead? We just want to make sure there are no humans in the area." Liam, Sarya and navie stepped forward immediately.

"No problem," comented Liam.

"We'll meet you back here" added Nieve, fallowing him into the woods.

"Shouldn't take too long," Sarya said with a waved as she falowed them into the woods. I wached them walk off, and sat down on a bolder taking off the sandels that I ware and musausing my ancel.

`you okay mia` asked Ben

`since when do you care` I snaped, everyone looked shocked as they stared at me, I shighed sitting cross legged on the bolder.

`sorry... just on edge` I told them, we all sat there silintly befor I said

`I was lissioning to what Neive and Evelyn were saying... navie wanted to know where we were headed`

"why are you listening on other peoples conversations" asked Evelyn Quietly.

`I was kinda wondering that myself` said Aven.

We looked at Ander.

`I thought you had an idea of where we were going mia... it was your sugestion to being with, and why dose everyone exspect me to know.` he said they all turnd to look at me.

"Ander" I said he looked up at me "the reason we all turn to you is because we exspect you to be the leader, I`m saprised you didint come to me soner with this question, it`s a good thing when we left we were going in the right derection or else I would have said something soner"

we sat in silince a moment everyone still looking at me exspectently, my parents had been some of the best map makers and scoters our people had, it only made sence that I had there maps and there smarts about all of that. Wolves wernt knowen for our smarts but I belive I was one of the smarter wolves in our "pack" I closed my eyes and fround, thinking back to the time when my parents had left the tribe.

`the day my parents died... we were heading to a sactuary... somewhere someone who has powers like ours go... the place eveything started... where the stone was made... I think thats where we should go...`

`it`s logical` comented ben.

`do you have any idea where that is` asked Avery coolly

`in the mountens`

he gave me a look that said -we need more info then that

I tock out a map and un rolled it.

`why is it staned with blood` asked Aven

`my mother blood... when they ataked her blood spiled over it` I say no emotion in my voice as I surched the map.

`hear` I pointed to the moutens, and traced a line across them with my pointer finger.

I rolled it back up and placed it back in the bag.

Nivie and the others got back just then.

`anything to report` asked Avery

`nothing just stay clear of the east there are a few setelmints over there`

`righto lead on oh fearliss leader` I say to laim who groweled at me.

`I`ll learn my place when I dont have to fight anymore` I hissed at him as we set out on our way.

`guess I know where your loyalty lies then` said laim as we walked at the frount of the group more west.

`I would die for you guys... but I dont want to have to fight, if there is any other chose` I say and walked away, at a fast even pace.

`Mia` they called but I didint listen, I just trudged ahead.

I walking thought the forest at a fast place. soon there voices disaped in the trees and I was running on ahead. my ancel cracking and  hurt a lot but I ignored the pain, useing it to carry on as I always hand. leaning on my walking stick more and more as I nearly ran.

soon my vision became blurred and I had to stop I wiped my eyes and noticed that my hand got wet. as if with dew. tears I had hardly cried in years so why was I crying now. 

I punched a tree, as hard as I could in anger, fustration, pain, but most of all Loss, and it hurt so bad, so bad I could hardly bare it, I fell to my right knee, placed my palms on the ground and closed my eyes.

when I heard a branch break and looked up.



The End

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