I walked home to pack as soon as it was agreed we'd leave. I'd decided to live on my own and therefore faced no arguments about going.

I grabbed a satchel and shoved some clothes and other necessities in there. I was pretty much good to go.

I met the others on the edge of Haven. We were just waiting for Liam to turn up. I rolled my eyes, how typical of him. Evelyn had the Stone back and was putting into her bag.

Just then, Liam dropped down from the tree we were standing by.

"Everybody packed and ready to go?" he asked with a grin.

"No, Liam," Bejamin replied sarcastically.

"Yeah, Liam, don't your eyes work?" I asked, pleasantly.

"Oh, ha, ha," Liam scowled at us.

"Can we get going instead of bickering, please?" Evelyn said. I smiled apologetically at her. Benjamin shrugged and Liam didn't respond at all. We finally set of with Evelyn and Ander leading. Aven and I walked at the back.

"What's all that?" I asked. She glanced at smaller bag.

"I went hunting for some food and stuff to keep us going for a while," she answered.

"Good thinking," I complimented, "Any idea where exactly we're going?"

"None at all," she replied. We continued to make conversation until Ander called back to all of us.

"Anyone want to volunteer to scout ahead? We just want to make sure there are no humans in the area." Liam, Sarya and I stepped forward immediately.

"No problem," Liam said.

"We'll meet you back here," I added.

"Shouldn't take too long," Sarya waved to them and followed Liam and I into the trees.

The End

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