I understood more greatly the danger that came along with stone of Luna, I knew from where I saw it we would be leaving this little villige going out into the unknown so our treaty could be saved. Yes we were allies and this little peace of rock would cause chaos and destruction in our home.

So I rushed home packing clothes, first aid kit's and a photo of my family. Well wat was left, mother died when people came searching for the stone we tried to save her but it was impossiable to do. Even with our knoledge in healing. That is when I became the Man I am today. I try to never show emotion for that it what my mother loved. I became cold hearted and liked to wind people up so they thought I didnt care.

My thought were interupted as My Farther charged into my room, he came straight over to me and slapper me across my face. My hair swooshed round as in to protect me from his out burst.

"Benjamin How dare you go against the Law we created" He boomed "You brin shame in this family I order you not to go"

I looked at him and sighed looking away holding my anger down "Well I am so you cant stop me I-"

"What would you Mother say-" He shouted and I lost my control of my anger I turned to face him and glared, I lifted my hand and with a flick of my hand he was picked up by wind and thrown across the room

"You have No write to speack of my Mother, you are not worther to call an Elf" I walked out. A little higher than my house Sarya sat crossed legged with her head leaning on her hand

"Seems like your oh so calm dont care about anything faltered again" She chimed  I rolled my eyes. "So come others are waiting nut brain" She hoped down in front of and pered up at me and put her hand on my shoulder

"Benjy it will be ok this is for the best and beside think of the fun we can have" She grinned and her eye sparckeled with joy, her smile radiated warmth I nodded and we headed for the others. No-one knew what lay ahead but it would change us and make us stronger

The End

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