Mia left the room, followed by everyone else. I was about to follow behind but my dad grabbed my shoulder.

"What do you think your doing!" he yelled
"Protecting the stone of Luna, and i will be doing regardless of what you say" i replied

I threw his hand off my shoulder an walked out to my house, which was like a palace, considering my dad is the alpha male. I packed up some of my things and walked outside, looking around, as it will be most likely the last time i see this place.

"Wonder where im meeting everyone..." i said to myself, rather confused.

I started to walk around, to see if i could find the others which i didnt. Either i packed too quickly or im just not being imaginative enough to where they might be meeting up.

I climbed up a tree, which was quite hard for me. But i eventually reached the top and i took a look around the place. I couldnt really see anybody yet.

I heard a branch snap behind me, i quickly turned towards the source of the noise to see my father again.

"You cant hide from me, your making a big mistake" he said "The humans wont want that rock, its useless"
"There is something special about it by the looks of things, i dont know what but i may find out, and i dont care what you say im going with them"

He just laughed at me, i didnt see the humour in it.

"Well then, if you die out there, dont say i didnt warn you" he gave me a serious look "you had your chance..."

I heard voices, i think it was everyone else waiting to go. I looked down the tree and i saw them all waiting for me. When i looked back my father was gone.

I jumped down the tree and joined them.

"Everybody packed and ready to go?" i asked

The End

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