Once we were all togeather we lead the quie into the chamber it was just as I remembered it, the elders frowened at me when they saw me with the others. I had always ignored these things. When the elders and the rest of the village met to discuse matters over soemthing. I was distant with everyone exscluding those few people I considered my friends. Evelyn, Aven, Laim, Benjamin, Sarya, Nieve, and Ander.

But this wasent about me... it was about them, my friends, we stuck togeather and as much as I hated this concel these people. I stuck by the oth I had given to my friends.

I looked at Evelyn, I hadent had a chance to ask her about the glowing rock that she held of corse we all knew what it was but still I wanted to know what we were planing about it.

Before even the elders could speck Evelyn said

`I think we should skip all the formalateys and get right into it... yes we were out by the river. We were out where we shouldent have been. I know we shouldent have left... I take responcabilaty for that...`

`hold on a minnit Evelyn... dont put this hole thing on yourself... you cant say that for the rest of us... I made a disishion yea maybe it was a bad one but we made our choses and I dont know about the rest of you but I stand by everything I`ve done.` I say said cuting her

`yea Evelyn dont place all the guilt on yourself... it wasent just you who left` said Aven

the others agreayed all esept Ander who stude beside me so I nocked him on the head with my walking stick.

`oh... yea right what they said` he said as he rubbed his head. I tryed not to laugh and pushed away my laughter.

`thanks guys` she said then `anyways um Our reson for being there was that we wanted to practice, and then we got cornered by some humens`

`you what` said benjamin`s dad

`we got away un harmed...` said benjamin with a shruge then looked at his feet.

`but befor we left I found this in the water there` said Evelyn very fast before anyone could cut her off again. She held up the rock and everyone in the room gasped.

`the stone of luna` said the Elders.

The concel ordered everyone out exsept for there parents.

When the room had been cleared a shiver ran up my body I breathed deeply.

`no one has seen the stone since it`s creation...`

`I think this means that our world is threated to become unblainced` said Evelyn the elders nodded agreaying with her.

`we must take preconshions... with the concent of your parents I think the best corse of action is to let you eaght take the stone into your care and have you leave the village`

there was protest and arugmint to this.

For a long while the adults discused what would happen to us and the stone.

Finaly laim said `shut up... were all old eough to make our own dishions and I say we should go`

`Laim` said his father

`lission to me this is importent this stone thing is going to tare apart our world so we have to do what we can to portect it... I dont know why this thing is so importent... but I do know that we have to do everything we can. If it`s whats keeping the Elevs and the Wolves togeather in harmany then I say we portect it` said Laim.

I was so prowed of him at that moment for standing up to his father and for takeing aneshative.

`laims right... we have to portect it` said benjamin.

`I`m in` said Evelyn

`me too` I say

everyone else said they were in for portecting the stone even if it meant leaving the only home any of us had ever known.

`I think it`s been disided` I say then `I dont know about the rest of you... but I`m going to pack a little, I`ll meat you guys when I meat you` I say and left the room.

The End

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