I stude in the crowed of elfs and wolves I pushed my way thought to the frount ocasionly barking at people to move and hiting them on the head, with my walking stick.

most thought a walking stick was combersom but to me it was an exstention of my arm.

I was at the frount of the que now and stude beside Aven, liam, benjamin, and nieve, as Evelyn and Ander came thought the crowed towards us on one side of the crowed and sarya on the other side.
I pushed back my hair to show off my scare, my eyes darted around.
I couldent help but think of the last time I had been to see the elders and the painful memorys it held for me.

flash back

we were serounded by hunters. my mother and father trying to scare them off. one humen got me from behind my mother jumped at him and his kinfe went into her chest she turnd back into humen form as her blood spared down on me the hunters looked saprised and scared one of them got at my father I tryed to jump in the way and my eye got slashed... the last thing I remember was seeing my father trying to fight off the last of the hunters then darkniss.

when I wock blood was everywhere I jumped to my feet, my anckel hurt but I pushed away the pain.

`mother` I cryed and went to her she was cold and her eyes clouded... dead.

I turnd and saw my father laying on the ground in humen form he was panting trying to get some breath.

`daughter` he said as I aproched my ankel hurt like hell but I pushed it away.

`daughter` he said again wesing his eyes were clouding

`father... no not you too no` I say looking around I needed to find help I looked around... but no one else was there... and I had no knolige of the healing ways of the elves.

`I`m fadding daughter... I will be gone soon but do not worry... I she`ll always be with you... as a lest request... please tell the others of our fight...`

`but you said we were never to go back`

`go back daughter you will be safe there... tell them all of our batel` tears came to my eyes. `fahter` I wispered then his breath caught and fadded out and he was gone.

`father` I screamed

I pulled my parents dead bodys back to the village, my ankle hurt like hell and I couldent see out of my eye because it was pussed from blading. but I went along pulling there bodys back never stoping.

back at the village every one wached as I pulled there bodys to the elders cavern. people asked questions asked to help all that stuff but I ignored them groweling when someone came to close.

`this is what you have done` I yelled at them droping my parents dead bodys on the flour.  the elders turnd to me they tryed to tend to my wonds I would not let them.

`dont tuch me` I groweled then I exslaned the story to them of what had happened off in the forest.

I tended to my wonds alone in my hallow under neath the tree.

end flash back

I shock myself I had not been back to see the elders since that day...

`are you okay` asked sarya

`fine` I say streching

`are you shere` she asked again

I nodded curtly `its nothing...`

`Mia` said benjamin

`what` I say angraly to benjamin

`no need to be hostil I was just going to say maybe you should cool it` he said I rolled my eyes and hit him  over the head.
`there are resons for me not going to see the elders and you have no bussniss telling me to cool it when you know of the resons yourself benjamin so just leave it`

he said nothing more as he rubbed his head, his eyes daring to my walking stick, as if I might hit him again. whitch made me chuckel and I just might have if I was in a really agresough mood.

my thoughts then tunrd to the concel meating.... and I grouned closing my eyes, someone patted my sholder and I shoved them off in reflex standing streat tall and prowed. a stachew gard like.

the hand went back to my sholder and traveled down to the center of my back.

`it will all be fine...` said a grough voice my body relaxed by the sound of it, and a small smile was placed apone my lips.

the hand traveled down to the small of my back and then onto my oposit hip, the smile folterd and fell. the arm pulled me closer as I shifted unconfertably they removed there hand.

The End

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