Evelyn - HavenMature

The run back is silent. Okay, first things first is we are probably going to have to think of where we found the bloody stone. I mean if we mentioned we found it by Break River we'd all be grounded for the rest of our existance.

So as we arive at the edge of the settlement Haven.... our two species home we all stop. "Okay, our excuse was we were hunting" I tell everyone. My eyes rest on Ander last and he nods smirking our eyes connecting.

Aven nudges me and I shake my head getting my senses back. Then I look up at our home. Of course the elf's live in the trees, bridges crossing from one tree to another. While the wolves homes are in the base of the tree underground. But the place we are heading is the council chamber and thats on the ground made out of rock and crystal.

I take a deep breath and we are just about to move again when. "LIAM!" The voice of the alpha male echo's strongely. We all turn to face him, the wolves kneeling even Liam and then us elves bowing. "Liam, you must come with me n-"
The alpha males voice trails off as his eyes stray to my hand. Liam sees where he's looking and steps in.

"I'm coming father. You lot we'll meet in front of the chamber later. I mean we should all get some rest first" Liam says.

"Of course" I say agreeing. Everyone nods and Liam turns to his father. The alpha male looks at my hand one more time then stalks off with his son. "See you guys in half an hour then?" I say. Everyone nods and we all chorus goodbye before leaving.

I'm about a metre away from my tree when Ander calls out. "Wait, Evelyn!" I spin round to face him and he stops in front calmly. "Fancy maybe... just..... you know, hanging out"

I smile. "Of course" I say then look at the tree. "Lets climb" I jump up and grab the first branch swinging my body forward and letting go to land on the next branch.

The End

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