BenjaminThe race is onMature

Running threw the forest trying to loose the humans so one of the things I loved. Knowing they could not catch up to us easily on foot my made the game more intersting. Yes I like challanges I would almost do anything to make sure I won.

Sayra Turned to me smiling, out of the group I knew we both had the most striking looks. her hair was a little longer than mine Purple hair mine was Bright blue. Our Pale skine and striking blue eyes. I would stick close toher, she made things intersting when things got boring.

'Bet I can beat you back,' She said sweetly knowing I would not be able to resist.  I grind back

'Bet you can't.'  The race started, I forgot the reason why we were running. I jumped up into the trees pouncing off each tree to get ahead of the group. I didnt concertrate on Where Sayra was. I jumped down from the trees focusing my goal the centre of the clearing.

We both entered the clearing at the same time. I had to win I made my leags move faster. We collapsed next to each other in the centre, our hair fanned out around use. mingling togethor to make one mass of hair. our chest heaving trying to suck in as much air as possiable.

'I won,' She exclaimed. grinning at me

'You liar,' I hissed leaning on my elbows 'I clearly won!'  I would not loose to a girl and of all Girls Sayra she only brag about it for days, weeks or even years.

'I was the first into the clearing, therefore, I won.'

'No I was the first into the clearing-' This carried on for a while until the others catched up in the clering out of breath adn not looking pleased.

'Why do you have to run so fast,' Liam gasped, bending over with his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath.  'Not all of us can keep up.' I stifled a laugh and keeping back crude jokes.

'Speak for yourself,' said Naive, standing with her hands on her hips, her breathing already almost back to normal.I began to run my fingers threw my hair already getting slightly bored.

'This can't be all of us,' Sarya mutted next to me finnally sitting up scanning the group like a worried mother.

'Of course it is,' I rolled my eyes. Not really caring I lay back down resting my head on my arm to support my head. I gazed up at the clouds. As Sarya kept counting

'-five, six.  There are only six of us. Where are Evelyn and Aven?'

I sat sat up leaning my head on my hand, ' Probally got distracted by an Acorn' I Yawned. Mia walked over to me and hit me across the head With her walking sticked. I yelped.

"Now is not the time for Joking Benjamin" I glared at her rubbing the sore part of my head.

Liam Began howling, A few minueates later The both came running into the clearing looking worried.

" We need to talk about what were going to do" Evelyn said gravely "We have foind the stone of Lunao" We all stared in shock at them. No-one spoke for a while. The stone of luna. The most powerstone in our history the thing that causes the two races to battle over.

The End

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