Evelyn - Bit of a problemMature

"Its the Stone of Luna" I finish to Aven. Just then the others race past us as Aven comes to a sudden halt causing me too. Her eyes are wide and frightened.

"Are you serious?" She whispers. I am about to answer when an arrow shoots past my face and into a tree. Aven squeals and I jump back away from it. We turn to see the humans just within their seeing range.

"Up the tree" I hiss we both turn and scrabble up. Aven faster cause she's able to bend the branches down to her will. Once we're up high we sit there. Camoflaging behind the leaves. The humans come up to the tree stopping and looking around. Its a small group.

"Sir, we should leave. Its dangerous to be in the forest this deep" One of them say. He looks as frightened as a rabbit and is quite old.

"Please tell me you don't believe in fairytales, Micheal" The youngest says turning to smile at the man. Hmm, they seem an interesting bunch. "But if you request it then we will head back" Th group turns and leaves. Both me and Aven let out a heavy sigh before looking at each other and beginning to giggle.

Then we stop as we look at the stone. "What are we going to do about it?" Aven whispers. I hold it in my hand turning it over and into the other. Light bounces off it and it glows brighter. I sigh heavily.

"I don't know" I mutter frowning. Suddenly I hear a very familiar howl and it causes me to smile. "Seems they've noticed we've disappeared.... shall we go meet up with Liam to lead us to the others?"
Aven nods and smiles and we both jump from the tree landing easily on our feet. I look in the direction the humans went and relaxing went I hear nothing.

I look at Aven and smile then we begin to run in the direction of the howl.

The End

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