I love the exhilarating feel of running, the wind catching my hair so it flies out behind me like a banner.  There is no other time when I feel so free.  

Even though I could still sense the presence of the humans and knew danger was still close, our escape became a kind of race.  I could feel Liam's powerful form somewhere behind me, closely followed by Mia, with Nieve and Ander somewhere behind them.  I could see Aven and Evelyn ahead, Aven taking a look back to see if we were there.

The closest person to me was Benjamin, who was running alongside me, his hair, almost as long as mine, whipping around his body.  A small smile crept onto my face as I turned to look at him.  He knew what I was thinking.

'Bet I can beat you back,' I said, my legs still pounding on the ground.  He grinned back at me.

'Bet you can't.'  And from that moment the race is on.  I focused straight ahead, not looking to see where he was or if the others are still following us.  I listened only to the sound of my feet hitting the soft earth and the clicking of my jewellery as it clashed against each other.  I wish I was wearing the trousers I wore for riding instead of my long purple skirt which prevented my stride from being as long as it could be.

We streaked past Aven and Evelyn, the latter still gripping the stone tightly.  I thought I heard them say something as we went past but was too busy concentrating on the race to work out what it was.

The trees began to thin and I knew that as soon as the trees disappeared our race would be over.  I reached inside and found the strength to run just that little bit faster and as we emerged into the clearing we both collapsed on the floor, chests rising and falling as we gasped for breath.  Our hair was spread out behind us, mingling in together so it looked like we had one massive blue and purple halo.

'I won,' I said breathlessly, a grin plastered over my face as I looked at Benjamin.

'You liar,' he said, sitting up so he was leaning on his elbow, 'I clearly won!'  The look on his face was one of pure indignation, but there was no way I was going to let him get away with it.

'I was the first into the clearing, therefore, I won.'

'No I was the first into the clearing-' The argument continued in a similar way for another few moments, when the others came crashing through the trees, also breathless and looking slightly shocked.

'Why do you have to run so fast,' Liam gasped, bending over with his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath.  'Not all of us can keep up.'

'Speak for yourself,' said Naive, standing with her hands on her hips, her breathing already almost back to normal.  I looked around at the rest of the group, checking to see if everyone was alright.

'This can't be all of us,' I muttered.  Only Benjamin heard me and looked at me quizzically.

'Of course it is,' he replied, although I wasn't listening because I was counting how many people there were gathered.

'-five, six.  There are only six of us.'  I looked at the faces, trying to see who was missing.  'Where are Evelyn and Aven?'

The End

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