Under any other circumstance, the feel of my feet against the dew-kissed grass is intoxicating. It certainly isn't now, as we all rush away from the humans, our feet slamming against the ground with a sound that pains me to hear it. The black dress I am wearing; knee length, and criss-crossed with red ribbon, flaps and flutters in the wind. My jade eyes fix upon a vine suspended from a nearby oak tree. I narrow my eyes before I launch myself up, grab the vine and swing myself as far as my strength allows; I land ten metres further on. I am next to Evelyn now, and she looks at me with her intensely colourful eyes.

"Show off," she mutters. I laugh, despite the circumstances. I can hardly blame her for her grouchy mood; she clutches the luminous stone so tightly her knuckles become almost impossibly paler. It is obviously hurting her. I turn back to see the others all galloping, and staying close, even Mia, despite the fact that she is wielding her cumbersome walking-stick. Beside her runs Liam, his huge muscles pumped and unfaltering, despite the distance we have already run.  Benjamin and Sarya are slightly ahead, their features far more striking than my own. I am slightly afraid of them, but I attempt to conceal this feeling from reaching my face. They make me feel inadequate, I think, as pick out the individuals. Nieve and Ander are further back, keeping everyone moving.  I turn back to Evelyn, growing increasingly worried for her condition. 

"If that stone is hurting you, you should let go of it." I coo, in an attempt to soothe her.

"I... can't," she says through sharp, gritted teeth, "It's the..." 

The End

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