Evelyn Bluu LunaMature

"Oi! Evelyn! Wait!" Someone from behind called. Liam came up on my right in his wolf form and our eyes lock before we both begin to run quicker. I hear people swear behind us and I stop as does Liam who spins round shifting back into his human form like its second nature.... which it is if you think about it. He is a wolf after all.

Mia reaches us first then the other arrives slowly after. Aven, Benjamin, Sarya, Nieve and Ander.
"We shouldn't even be here" Sarya sighs slumping down onto one of the rock. We've stopped by a river and the water flows gentlty creating a calming noise. We all sit down and I lean back on my arms turning my head up to the sky letting the sun soak my skin.

"Yeah, all we have to worry about is human's though. We'd be gone before they could believe their eyes" Liam jokes leaning forward on his knee's. I sit up properly and look round at the group.

"Liam's right, its not like we could get caught. Besides we came to practice" I say jumping up. I turn and step into the river. It would of swept me away if I hadn't control it to not touch my body by an inch. I continue to walk up river and I hear a few of the group moan about having to get up again after chasing after me and Liam. So what?

We want to prove our race is better even more Liam wants to prove he's better than his dad but thats not really going to happen. Besides whether he likes it or not he's a jerk. Suddenly I trip and everyone bursts out laughing. I curse and look back to see what I tripped on. Suddenly everyone stops laughing as I pick up the glowing rock.

"What the hell is that?" Aven whispers. Suddenly a crack of a branch off to our side echos around us.

"Oh, Shit everyone run!" I yell. We all turn and race back deep into the forest leaving the humans behind and me clutching the glowing rock painfully.

The End

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